by How To Be Topp

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released July 31, 2015

Yona Prochnik - Guitars, Vocals
Arun Selvaratnam - Bass, Vocals
Alejandro Salazar Dyer - Drums, Vocals
Zach Prochnik - Keyboards

All songs written by How To Be Topp



all rights reserved


How to be Topp Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Be No More
Isn’t it besides the fact
Isn’t it a superstition rooted in your darkest fears
To be alone
Make yourself at home you know its here to stay
But if your soul could smile
Look death in the eye and love life no less
Well I’ll be yours

And there'll be no more
Looking past each others eyes
Deafness to each others cries
Holding back the words of love
Calling out for war or blood

Do they think its still ok
To shoot us down
Teargas the crowd
Well I’ve got nothing left to shout
And I can't be proud
‘till there'll be no more
Track Name: Invisible
What’s it you, how I get by?
I make ends meet but they won’t tie
And I always fight for more
And you always slam the door
In my face.

Post-haste I soon found out
What you meant by
Extenuating circumstances
So expel me from your
Furtive glances
‘cause I know how you feel
‘bout second chances

Why stretch the truth when you can lie?
You pull the noose and it’s no crime
Down home in the Southern sun
You were the brightest one
To never realize
that he who holds the reins must ride.

Invisible, you hope to seem grand
When lions line up to kiss
Ivory hands
But life don’t always
Map out quite like
Your prescription
Track Name: Siren
Leave me out of it
Live bait
In the summer heat

A cool eternity
Of being outlawed
Why don’t you smile at me for a change?
Why don’t you pick my brains
Before the vultures have their say

Wash your hands of me
In the summer streets

Why try and work it out
Of this stalemate
When the lovebirds up above
Are fueled by
Sewer-lines of lust
Track Name: Teardrop Tattoo
The seats of this limousine
They used to be dry
Am I stuck in the passenger seat
Or will you let me drive?
I look out at the darkened street
See people passing by
It feels so good
You know I wish I could die.

She said the mole by your left eye
Looks like a teardrop tattoo
Is it true that you never cry?
I won’t be crying for you
And if I pay attention long enough
Can I go home with you?
‘cause I really hate dancing
And I don’t like how those boys look at you

The sweat from the ceiling’s
Been dripping down on my head
I hope I caught your meaning
‘cause I didn’t hear a word you said
And I know that you’re lonely
‘cause we all are
But I really think it’d help you
If you took a ride in my car